Structural Dynamics

Terms: Winter 2017, Winter 2018, Winter 2019

Course Content (extended): Single-degree-of-freedom systems: free vibration, response to harmonic, arbitrary, pulse excitation, numerical evaluation of dynamic response, earthquake response of linear and nonlinear systems, elastic and inelastic spectra, P-delta effects, fundamentals of displacement-based seismic design, generalized lumped mass and continuous systems. Multi-degree-of-freedom systems: equations of motion of planar frames and plan-asymmetric systems, damping in structures, earthquake response of linear systems, uncoupled modal response history analysis, response spectrum analysis, dynamics and earthquake response of base-isolated structures, structural dynamics in buildings codes, provisions of the National Building Code of Canada, International Building Code (USA) and Eurocode.

Students’ comments from the course evaluations regarding the course:

Should be mandatory for all structural graduate students.

I really enjoyed all the material presented in this course. It complemented some of the other courses I took over the last year.

“Crucial course to understand not only the response of structures to dynamic loads but also how building codes are developed.”

This course provides not only a deep understanding of the course material, but also the development of very important and useful skills for professional development: MATLAB and SAP. These programs are very useful for this field and the exercises in the assignments really help to get the base knowledge for using these software programs. The explanations in class (MATLAB) and in the Youtube videos are VERY helpful.

Even though the assignments took forever, I felt very accomplished when I finally submitted one. I also really enjoyed that I got to learn and use Matlab in a lot of the assignments.

The fact that the lecture notes were always posted before the class enabled me to print them and bring them to class so as to take notes. I really appreciate the effort from Dr. Akçelyan. The slides were very well designed. Sometimes it was difficult to understand some variables which were not clearly defined but after reviewing the main references, this was resolved. I understand that everything cannot be given to the student. The latter also need to provide some effort and work.

Assignments were very well designed and helped to better understand the topic. They were very demanding but in the end I benefited a lot from doing them. The Matlab coding was very challenging but it was a great learning experience. I am thankful to the Professor for allowing group work for certain assignment, this was very helpful as it helped us to compensate for each others weaknesses and overall I were able to learn more than if I would be on my own.

“This course was representing a lot of work. However, because of this great amount of work, we learned a lot from this class.”

“It was very intensive but this was a good opportunity for me to learn.”

Students’ comments from the course evaluations regarding the instructor:

Excellent teacher all around. Cares about his students. Explains materials very well. Adds additional information for those interested. The supplemental readings are very appreciated. Explains derivations of equations and ensures that students understand the theory and logic behind concepts and are not blindly applying formulas.

“Thank you very much Sarven. You are an excellent instructor clearly an expert in the field. I especially appreciated that you offered us materials to broaden our knowledge that was outside the scope of the course.”

“Excellent teacher. He really wants students to do well. He tries to explain everything clearly, and he is very knowledgeable and passionate about this subject.”

“Sarven is a very knowledgeable professor that cares about their students.”

“The guidance provided by the teacher was indeed commendable. Besides being very patient, the teacher kept a good pace which was very beneficial to weaker students like myself. He explained the important points several times to ensure everybody understood well.”

“I like that you ask questions frequently. This is the best way to see if students understand.”

I really appreciated that Dr. Akçelyan was always willing to share his own experience relevant to the course. This brought a more practical aspect to the course instead of remaining only theoretical. The Professor never hesitated to share his knowledge.

Very available to students and very open to answering questions. Also, makes himself very approachable. Is very helpful.